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The Best Travel Trailer Manufacturers in 2022

The Best Travel Trailer Manufacturers in 2022

It seems like there are about 10 billion types of travel trailers on the market today, which can get overwhelming when you’re shopping. How do you know what’s good and what isn’t?

If you want a travel trailer that lasts and a great customer service experience, you need to choose your manufacturer wisely.

We know the RV industry well and compiled this list of seven of the best travel trailer manufacturers for 2022 and beyond. 

What Is a Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer is an RV trailer that hitches to the bumper of a tow vehicle. Depending on the size and weight, you can pull a travel trailer with a truck or an SUV.

Travel trailers come in many lengths, ranging from around 17’ up to 35’ or longer. 

Travel trailers are an attractive option for RVers on a budget because they’re the lowest-priced RV type on the market. Luxury brands cost more, but overall, travel trailers are a great option for budget-savvy campers. 

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Truck towing travel trailer on highway
Hitch up and head out in a new travel trailer in 2022.

What Makes a Travel Trailer Manufacturer Great?

Our list of the best travel trailer manufacturers comes down to a few key considerations. Here’s our list of criteria. 

Builds Travel Trailers That Last

A great travel trailer manufacturer not only builds aesthetically pleasing RVs but its travel trailers also last.

These trailers can stand up to the rigors and stresses of RV life. It’s not surprising to see vintage models still on the road today.

Offers Versatile Floorplans

A great travel trailer manufacturer knows a “one-size-fits-all” floorplan doesn’t work for every RVer. Everyone has different needs. Some RVers have a family and want bunk beds for the kids.

Others are full-time and want a layout with plenty of open space and storage. And others just want the most functional layout possible.

With quality manufacturers, you’ll find a great variety of floorplans, so you can select one that suits your needs. 

Has Top-Notch Customer Service

The best travel trailer manufacturers have top-notch customer service. What good is a long-lasting camper or a great floorplan if the manufacturer doesn’t back you up?

These manufacturers have a track record for incredible customer service time and time again. 

Truck with travel trailer parked in lot.
There are many reliable travel trailer brands to choose from.

The Best Travel Trailer Manufacturers in 2022

Now that we’ve talked about what makes a great travel trailer manufacturer let’s see who makes the list. You’ll want to check these brands out if you’re shopping for a travel trailer. 


Airstream is the tried and true, iconic, “silver bullet” RV and sits at the top of our list for a reason. The company consistently delivers beautiful and extremely high-quality travel trailers, and its customer service and community of RVers are incredible. 

Airstream travel trailers come with a high price tag, but you definitely get what you pay for here.

With an Airstream trailer, you’re getting the highest quality interior design, luxury features, fixtures, and amenities. Plus, you’ll own an American icon.

Grand Design

Grand Design RVs consistently tops the list for one of the best RV manufacturers around. This brand manufactures travel trailers and fifth wheels that are out-of-this-world.

The layouts are functional and versatile, in addition to having beautiful designs.

But where Grand Design really shines is its customer service and satisfaction. 


Lance travel trailers are among the highest-quality travel trailers on the road today. This manufacturer builds beautiful and functional four-season campers that will last you for decades with proper care and maintenance.

In addition to its top-notch build quality and materials, Lance offers great customer service. 


Keystone is a travel trailer and fifth wheel brand that shines when it comes to aesthetics and community involvement. It actively listens to what RVers want to see in RV designs and brings those desires to life year after year. 

New Keystone RVs appeal to the modern RVer. You won’t find dark browns or beiges in these RVs: modern farmhouse decor and a light aesthetic are in.

In addition, Keystone travel trailers have budget and lightweight options, options for the remote worker, and so much more. 


Bigfoot RVs has been building quality travel trailers and truck campers for more than 30 years. You might not recognize the name, and that’s part of what makes them so great.

Bigfoot RV is a small RV manufacturer that sells RVs through factory outlets in Canada and the U.S.

It’s not uncommon to see vintage Bigfoot RVs still on the road today because of the company’s unparalleled build quality.


Oliver Travel Trailers makes luxury molded fiberglass campers that stand the test of time. Molded fiberglass travel trailers are less prone to leakage and mold. Oliver goes above and beyond by incorporating luxury elements into these small, durable campers. 

In addition to its excellent build quality and top-notch customer service, Oliver proves that it knows what RVers want and need. New Oliver travel trailers come with optional lithium packages for RVers who want to stay off the grid.

The lithium packages come with lithium batteries, a solar package, an inverter, and a Micro-Air soft start for the AC. 

Part of what makes Oliver so great is that it’s a small, family-owned company. These travel trailers aren’t mass-produced. 

Outdoors RV

Outdoors RV produces high-quality campers meant for the rugged, off-grid camping lifestyle. All Outdoors RV travel trailers come “mountain tough,” with four-seasons insulation.

These RVs are designed for the active RVer who travels in all climates and all-terrain. This company is clearly dedicated to high-quality travel trailers that stand up to a rugged lifestyle. 

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Rest Assured With These Travel Trailer Manufacturers

No matter what style of travel trailer you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with any of these manufacturers. These brands are the best of the best and handle their customers like family while also providing some of the best looking (and performing) RVs on the road.

If you want quality and a great customer experience, look no further than any one of these companies.

Which of these brands is your favorite? Drop a comment below!

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Tina W.

Tuesday 1st of March 2022

You left out Scamp when talking about best travel trailers. They have been around for decades and have a high dollar amount when sold secondhand. Why? Because they are great travel trailers.

Lori Latzig

Saturday 19th of February 2022

You get what you pay for by how the dealership you buy your camper from now takes care of the concerns you have about the camper you bought from them that was the 1st brand new camper we ever had before we had bought older used ones that we cheap and had major issues

Lori Latzig

Saturday 19th of February 2022

We have a 2018 dutchman kodiak 172e ultralite camper we bought new in June 2018 and we have had no problems with it yet except for mother nature causing our awning to break which caused a couple of other issues but had repaired under our insurance and only paid the deductible otherwise it would have been well over 6500.00 of repairs the quality of a camper is what kind of service you get from the dealer you bought it from cause there were small issues but the dealer we bought it from didn't care about it and so it was never taken care of and I am sure the manufacturer would have covered it but the dealership didn't want to deal with it my advice to everyone who is thinking about buying a travel trailer DO NOT PURCHASE ONE FROM CAMPING WORLD THEY don't care what happens with the camper once you have driven it off their lot had our repairs done at lazy days rv and they did it right where CAMPING WORLD was going to repair my awning with something that was not made for the camper

Thomas Gallagher

Monday 20th of December 2021

Keystone are you kidding me the suck.

William Alley

Friday 17th of December 2021

Our experience: We bought a 37’ Keystone Everest in 2008. Almost immediately, the black water tank leaked large amounts of sewage into the under carriage.

It took nearly two months to get Keystone to approve a patch. The dealer had determined and informed Keystone that the tank was defective and must be replaced, because a patch would not hold up. It was patched three times and immediately failed every time. The third time it failed before we drove a mile. Each time Keystone delayed 6 - 8 weeks before authorizing another patch.

The dealer was very responsive and supportive, but he could not get Keystone to do what was right.

After we had had the fifth wheel for about ten months, it became apparent that Keystone was just putting us off until the one year warranty expired.

Since the unit was unfit to use, the dealer allowed us to trade it, but at a substantial loss for us. He gave us a better deal than competitors, but it was still a substantial loss for us.

I have no respect for Keystone and caution others that Keystone has quality control issues and will not honor their warranty. Expect to be treated dishonestly and disrespectfully.

Obviously, it’s not your opinion, but it is our experience.

Respectfully, William Alley [email protected] 334-379-7158

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